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religious humor from the Lutheran Satire gang

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A while back I shared a satire video about St. Patrick’s attempt to explain the Trinity to the Irish. THe video was shared through YouTube, and YouTube automatically adds captioning for the hearing impaired. It’s apparently generated by some algorithm that analyzes the audio and gives its best guess.

It might work okay in most circumstances, but this video had a combination of thick mock-Irish accents and rather technical theological jargon. Those results were about as bad as you’d imagine. The original video makers then took those close captioned and dubbed the original video, so you can hear what it sounds like if the closed captions were actually correct.

In a word: hilarious.

If you missed the original version, it’s well worth a watch on its own:

And just because the folks over at Lutheran Satire are awesome, check out their take on Westboro Baptist. (Warning, parts of it are PG/PG13ish):


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