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FaceBook round-up

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Here’s the latest week’s worth of funnies:


(#3 is the new Hunger Games movie poster, which some might find spoilerish although I don’t think it gives much away.)

1. The Cracks of Doom

2. The world isn’t split into good people and death eaters

[Spoilers] 3. “The sun persists in rising, so I make myself stand.”

4. Hipster!C.S. Lewis

5. Still a better love story than Twilight

6. *swoons*

TV, Movies, etc.:

1. Avengers v. Star Wars

2. Bart’s Blackboard Shenanigans

3. P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way

4. I’m being repressed!

5. The Neverending Story

6. It’s dangerous to go alone…”


Things That Make Me LOL (random funnies)

1. Writer’s block

2. Skyentists

3. How it looks

4. I am the night!

5. the smile that wins

6. To the boxes!

7. C’est catifique!

8. This would explain a lot…

9. When it’s so hot you could fry an egg

10. What a pun(n)y little weiner dog!

11. Chuck Norris: The Early Years

12. Canadian Graffiti


Feminist Board (gender, sexuality, etc.)



Somebody’s Million-Dollar Idea

1. Book shelf

2. Christmas ornament


Because I’m a Closet Foodie

1. a patriotic (and comparatively non-cakey) desert




1. no war on religion

2. Coffee with Jesus

3. Yet more coffee with Jesus



1. A Professor’s Prayer

2. More PhD

3. Nerd girl problems

4. Academia v. Business

5. Math: Not even once


Finally, I’ve started keeping track of the articles I read and particularly liked, over at at Tumblr. Here’s the latest week.

Will the IRS’s Tea Party Profiling Convince Conservatives That All Profiling Is Wrong?

This piece compares the IRS scandal with profiling of Muslims, “urban youths,” etc., when it comes to terrorism and crime. The first half of the article makes a very good point – this *is* profiling, and conservatives who are okay with profiling at airports and “stop and frisk” escapades need to explain why the IRS move was wrong while those things are really okay. I’m less taken with the second half, though, since showing that profiling is ineffective isn’t the same thing as saying it’s wrong. (Would we be less opposed to it if it actually was more effective than not profiling?)

2. If Only the Boy Scouts Were Like the Girl Scouts

Interesting comparison between Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

3. The Corporate Tax Dodge

An interesting piece on the way corporations avoid paying taxes.

4. The abusive theology of ‘deserved tragedy’

A spot-on reaction to Piper’s tweet re: Oklahoma tornadoes.

5. Reading Beyond Headlines

Interesting IHE blog piece about why administrative bloat is overblown as an explanation for why college costs are rising. The takeaway message: if you’re criticizing higher ed and using actual data, bring your A game because data analysis is what we do.

6. Pope at Mass: Culture of encounter is the foundation of peace

A radical statement of inclusion from Il Papa.

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