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Episcopalian catechism

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The Episcopalian church recently published a catechism on science and religion and even the bits quoted by Peter Enns in his recent blog post are quite interesting. I want to read more when I find the time, but even Dr. Enns’s quotes are well worth reading. One part I found particularly thought-worthy:

“Episcopalians believe that the Bible “contains all things necessary to salvation” (Book of Common Prayer, p 868): it is the inspired and authoritative source of truth about God, Christ, and the Christian life. But physicist and priest John Polkinghorne, following sixteenth-century Anglican theologian Richard Hooker, reminds us Anglicans and Episcopalians that the Bible does not contain all necessary truths about everything else. The Bible, including Genesis, is not a divinely dictated scientific textbook. We discover knowledge about God’s universe in nature not Scripture.”

Read Dr. Enns’s blog post here.
… or find the catechism here.

(X-posted from FB, but I thought some folks here might find it interesting, too.

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