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Dear Mr. UPS dude:

  1. People work. People have lives. People do not have all day to sit around and wait on you.
  2. Even if we could leave instructions to deliver the box to a neighbor, we cannot ask said neighbor to wait around all day - because our neighbors work, and have lives, etc.
  3. On the off-chance we can arrange to be around the house for a day, we typically cannot arrange to schedule that day on short notice. So requiring the three delivery attempts to be made on three consecutive days is especially idiotic. Doubly so when you are incapable of having them deliver it in a certain time frame (I mean a four-hour window, not a specific time).
  4. As is expecting us to pay for the privilege of rescheduling the delivery date.
  5. And paying more to do it through a representative rather than using the online form that crashed Chrome not once but twice. Srsly, having to use the phone system you laughingly call customer care should earn me a lower price.

No love,



After all that was done I asked to speak to my "care representative"'s manager so I could complain about the policy and got put on hold again for about five minutes, then was brought back and told that the manager was unavailable but that they would pass my complaint to the corporate office. Half the purpose of making a complaint is the cathartic release of expressing it to someone whose company is the source of your frustration.

I tend to try not to work blue in this blog but just this once:


Because, really, I'm about at the end of my rope here with dealing with idiotic policies. More than that, with the kind of idiotic policies that make me feel like I am imposing. I lost my wallet lately along with my ATM card and my official state ID, and had mailed my passport in to the gov to get it renewed. Basically the only ID I have is my school's photo ID and a birth certificate, which they take but only after asking me a dozen questions and they will only give me so much cash at a time. I know, it's to protect my security. Still I'm about at the end of my wits on this one.

Things will work out. I know. But still... sheesh!
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