February 1st, 2021


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A few weeks ago there was this meme-mem-meh going around where people who liked to go outside shared photos. I am a people, and I do like to go outside, but it's (a) New York, which means it's dark before I can stop work (not the best for photos), and (b) for me the joy of outside is getting around to the shops and around people, not necessarily nature.

However, we are having a bit of weather today, and if that's not an excuse for the view outside my window I don't know what is. The mayor closed streets to non-essential traffic, which if my little street is to be believed, people are following with ... varying degrees of compliance. But I have my hot cocoa and my cinnamon raising bread to toast and no reason to go otside, so I'm good.

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This all reminds me of one of my favorite old commercials, so I'll just drop that in as well.

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Stay warm, little Shirelings.