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breaking in the digital camera

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(ETA: I’ve been told the pics came across as huge on LJ. I have no clue why and will try to investigate how to fix the issue. In the meantime, I encourage you to look at the pics at my offsite blog, here. Of course I welcome comments at either place.)

Back in December I splurged on my first-ever digital camera, a Canon PowerShoot A4000IS. It’s a good starter camera – better than a cell phone but not as good as I’d like particularly in low-level ligh. Which my bedroom usually is after nightfall. Still, I wanted to play with it. I went to Kmart today, and picked up some good summer-weight shirts.

Please do excuse the mess. :-)

The first are just v-neck t-shirts. I’ve named them Prim [that blue reaping-day dress], Finnick [eyes the color of the sea], and Peeta [that description of orange like sunset *swoons*] respectively:

Then the krinklies. These are cut like t-shirts but are made of crinkly, finer material and have a slightly more dressed-up look. I love them because I can sweat like a pig in the summer and they will absorb it and dry quickly. I like things cool, and there cousins (I buy these every year) are a big part of how I keep the energy bill low in the summer months. They also have the benefit of not requiring any ironing at all. Seriously, I’ve never felt the need to even steam them. When I dress it up with a bit of jewelry and a lightweight blazer I can also get by teaching in them for summer school. They’re beautiful at first but over time the color fades, and they get demoted to pyjamas, to be replaced by a new generation the next spring.

Finally, there are the blouses proper. The first one has the same iron-free virtues of the krinklies, but it’s actually a blouse, with a gathered middle that has a kind or ribbing, but with flaring hems and sleeves. I would have gladly bought two or three more if they had them in different colors, bu they didn’t. It fits well and looks to be low-maintenance, but is an actual blouse. The one on the right is cut like a t-shirt but made from spandexy material with a really attractive lattice-pattern in darker gold. It doesn’t show up on the camera but is much more distinctive in person.

Then there’s the bed that’s been the focus of so much of my posting this week. On this pic you really should ignore the huge pile of laundry in the corner. A least I managed to keep the completely empty laundry basket out of frame. That’s what they mean by composition, kiddos.

And finally-finally, here’s a song I was reminded of today. Some folks over at FB are discussing Christian music, and something about the memory it sparked tickled my fancy.

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