September 13th, 2020


The problem as to whether it is possible to get comfortable rooms at a reasonable price

The universe, it appears, doesn't approve of me househunting.

I've been looking at studio apartments on Craigslist for the last few weeks. I'm a bit sick of the current place; constant renovations that don't seem ready to end any time soon are not what I signed on for, on several fronts. Plus being stuck at home has made me realize both how little space I have and how much I'd actually like to just laze about comfortably. It also doesn't help that so much is still up in the air work-wise. My job is secure, but I'm still working home with the constant promise that they're going to bring us back in in a week or two, they swear, but with the added bonus that our boss is pushing for hybrid schedules where we only have to come in to the office half the days. Which would clearly make a difference in where I can live (further out = lower rent/more space), but without that being definite, it's hard to plan.

Anyway, I've been looking at ads on Craigslist and other similar apps, sending out lots of emails, and even got to the touring stages on two of them. Here's where the universe comes in. Both times I've had to cancel because of personal emergencies. One, the Kid's mum broke her elbow and was in the ER and I had to babysit. (Though babysit is a relative term for a seventeen year old with two years' experience traveling between boroughs for school every day; she can handle herself.) Then this time I twisted my foot on the way to the bus and had to go to urgent care. They did x-rays and it will probably be fine with a few days' ice and rest, but clearly I wasn't making it down to Brooklyn today.

It's probably for the best because this place is a pigsty and needs some major cleaning before I can even begin to think about moving; so I should probably do that before I put all my work into finding the perfect spopt. (Web-browsing for potential flats is so much more fun, though!)