August 19th, 2020


(no subject)

Today I crashed a Ph.D. defense. The candidate was an idiot, but luckily so was his committee, so I guess it all worked out. (... It's just possible my old academic biases are coming into play here, more than an objective evaluation of the work, so. ....)

Apparently we have reached the stage of the pandemic where there's nothing good one can still do outside of your house. I took a vacation day to run some errands, had budgeted several hours for wrestling with the DMV but didn't even make it through the doors, so I winded up with mega hours to kill before a doctor's appointment, and no movies, no restaurants, no museums, no libraries to fill it with. At a certain point I guess you have to get creative if you don't want to ride the M1 on endless repeat. It's better than poking fun at tourists or other minor acts of malevolence, I suppose.