August 8th, 2020


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Have a really cute Vietnamese public-education video about how to fight Corona. I'd seen 10-15 seconds of this on the John Oliver show, but the whole thing is just ridiculously adorable.


a quick quesiton for the Silm fans

I'm trying to work out Indis's relation to Ingwe, the king of the Vanyar. The snippet of Miriel's and Finwe's story from Morgoth's Ring (I'm using it as my canon just because it has a lot more interesting details on the remarriage issue than the published Silm version) says Indis is Ingwe's sister; but most family trees I'm seeing online actually have her as Ingwe's niece by an unnamed sister of Ingwe. Which I'm happy to go with if that's the accepted version; I just don't know nearly enough about the Silm-canon to know if I've stumbled upon an early draft where the detail was later changed or if this is the internet just being wrong.

Is anyone more familiar with these pre-First Age texts able to weigh in? Is their any kind of consensus over what the correct family relationship here, or is this just the Silm-canon being its lovely self-contradictory self?