July 14th, 2020


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Today I actually started a Coursera course I signed up for a few weeks ago, "Excel Fundamentals for Data Analysis." Basically they'll be talking about how to use Excel's organization tools and formulas to organize and analyze your data, and at the same time introducing you to the terms and concepts behind data analysis. Also it's part of a sequence that's supposed to move you along being able to write MySQL queries, which is something I've always wanted to tackle.

I don't know. It's dreadfully dull, whihc makes sense because --you know-- Excel, though I think I underestimated just how dry it would be. But it looks pretty useful too. It would be a little helpful for my current job, which involves pulling data from multiple Excel logs and combining it into a single report; and probably more useful for any future job. I'm just so analytically-oriented, I think if I had something concrete to say, hey, I know how to work in this world, particularly if it came with some kind of credential — even a baby credential like you'd get for completing a MOOC — it would open up some doors to me. Certainly it'd give me some confidence, and I'm really feeling very intellectually wilted with sitting at home away from everyone I used to work with, I guess. So I think it will be good for me, particularly once I get past the introductory stuff. We'll see, I guess. It's a start.

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