June 8th, 2020


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I am very much in love with these socially-distancing kitty-kats. I read somewhere that cats like boxes because it gives them a sense of security, and I wonder if something similar might be at work here.

Also, with Bence Peter, the pianist on YouTube. The sheer creativity and raw skill is truly flabbergasting. The term "cover" doesn't quite do it justice.

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I've also read the new Hunger Games novel, but I need to think about how I feel about it. I want to like it; I definitely want to reread it, and now's not the time to really go into spoilery details I don't think. I will say for a whole host of reasons it was probably published at the absolute worst time given current politics: it's a story worth thinking through, but it's also very hard to give it a fair hearing just now. Can't hold that against her, of course. But a lot of the skills people found lacking in the original trilogy (like plausible world-building) seem much more of an issue here. Maybe I've grown more picky, or maybe I'm just more tired these days so not as easily swept along. I did like the premise and a lot of the concepts, but my first impression was I could have written it better myself!

Anywho. Back to the paid work.