April 16th, 2020

Fic Rec - The Bang and the Clatter

I may be a bit wobbly as a writer in the last few years, but I am exercising my readerly and commenting muscles. Most recently I've read earlgreytea68's lovely story "The Bang and the Clatter," a Johnlock AU where the boys are professional baseball players.

Mind you, I haven't actually sat down and watched a baseball game since I was actively writing fic! But there's something about late spring that has me thinking baseball-ish thoughts, and with the sports lockdown and all, this definitely scratched an itch.

More than that, it's just a comfortable, eminently enjoyable, well written and all-around happy-making fic in any universe. As EGT usually provides. You can read my full comment (slightly spoilerish, majorly squee-ish) here if you'd like more details on why I loved it so much, but really, just go and read the thing.