April 9th, 2020

*cracks philosopherly muscles*

First, the big question: I'm physically well and financially secure. Very much ready for this nonsense to be over, though of course not wanting to rush it and return to the big wide world philosophically.

Also: happy Passover to those who celebrate it. It's hard with the social-distancing thing, but as someone pointed out on Tumblr, scrounging for food while you huddle indoors from a plague sweeping the land, knowing that staying inside your house is the only way to be safe, is about as Passover as it gets. But sheesh, why is this year's night unlike all previous year's nights!

 I'm also going a bit stir-crazy so to stretch the muscle between my ears I've signed up for an online "course" — really mostly a series of videos on the kind of standard questions covered in your freshman philosophy course, but it's kind of fun to revisit them. The latest question is an interesting one — is morality objective — and I do have thoughts, but when I tried to write them up they seemed really too technical for week four of the quarantine.

Thinking about it, that's ... depressingly true of my relation to the written word generally, just now. Lots to say, it just doesn't seem I have the confidence or skill to wrestle them into something fit for public consumption. So I'll just leave it at that for now.