December 30th, 2019

reader vs writer

catching up

I really did have the best of intentions of sending out cards, or failing that e-cards. Hope you and yours are doing well and you had a restful, peace-filled set of holy days.

For me, December has put me a bit through the wringer. The biggest piece of that is health: I developed a pretty serious skin abscess that's now on the mend, but meant I spent most of my holiday in and out of urgent care facilities, and the rest of it frustrated I couldn't do more of what I wanted because life was (and to a lesser extent, is) pain. Before that I was trying to squeeze a month's worth of work into three weeks, so I needed a break by the end of it! But I also squeezed a bit of lying around and movies (the new "Little Women," along with a repeat viewing of "Knives Out" and "Frozen II") and just driving about and looking at the countryside. Which was lovely.

I also finished a fic for the LOTR SeSa 2019 exchange. I don't feel like I was really able to put my best foot forward because of the health issues when I was trying to finish it up. But that's another Tolkien fic under my belt, which feels quite good. I'll post a link in a few days when I'm allowed to claim it.

Would like to write more Tolkien fic I think in the new year, or maybe just beta. Or read. Or something. Still need to do some poking around on the Discord server or find where fandom folks are connecting these days and maybe get more involved. I'd also love to find a project now that work is more sane than it once was. I find I've forgotten how to have fun, fandom-wise. A bit.

Being hungry for that, and having that be a real possibility, is a very nice change. How's that for a happy and healthy start to the new year?