November 23rd, 2019

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I'm loving this collection of tributes to Mel Brooks I found fooling around on YouTube. It's from an event honoring him at the Kenedy Center, and you basically have all these famous actors reprising the most famous songs from their Mel Brooks projects.

So you get Mel Brooks singing "Springtime for Hitler" beginning around 4:55. Which is really just lovely, it's made for the live stage. But what I love is watching the audience react to that song in at least 2010. Something about seeing them squirm really amuses me on a meta level.

(I wonder how much of it is discomfort at Hitler being quite stereotypically gay as a way to make him less threatening that's driving that? That has to play a lot different in 2010 than it would in 1967. Though it's a lot harder to laugh Nazis off these days [though maybe not when this was done?] than it would have been in the late '60s, sadly.)