October 23rd, 2019

(no subject)

I'm trying to help save as much MEFA content as can be saved. Aranel Took is doing the lion's share, really, but I've been poking around trying to find as many banners from back in 2004 as I can, from before the files were saved on the Yahoo site. One way I'm doing that: opening every story that won an award in 2004, to see if any of them still have functioning banners on display.

I feel a bit like I've been punched in the gut, really. HASA is gone. OEAM is gone. Anything on Geocities or Angelfire is gone. So has Freewebs. So many authors have pulled their fic off SOA. Dwimordene's page, one of my favorite haunts in the old days, is gone. At least half the links I'm opening are just... non functional.

I'm sure a lot of this content is available elsewhere, but really, all that lost art and the passing away of the projects that host it deserve a moment's mourning.

Then the people like Aranel, Dawn, and so many others deserve a round of applause. OTW, too, and other groups like them. Thank you, friends, for trying to preserve as much of the history as you can. I'm grateful.

(Aside- if any of you have MEFA banners from 2004, email me at marta-dot-fandom-at-gmail-dot-com. I'll make an official post this weekend, but I'd love any help I can get.)