August 29th, 2019

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I have lived about three weeks since Tuesday night, honestly.

A quick stop to an after-hours urgent care clinic (I just wanted a prescription to treat a yeast infection involved them taking my blood pressure, which combined with an IMO over-panicky nurse practitioner meant a quick referral to a cardiologist, so yesterday I took off half a day and got a thorough work-up not just of the heart but some other things I have or probably have (family history, etc.) but hadn't been watching/treating like like I should as I had no insurance.

Today was the aftereffects. Back at work but constantly on the phone when I'm really not supposed to be trying to get next steps set up, seeing if the medications had been sent to my pharmacy, etc. Which meant instead of just letting all calls go to voicemail I actually had to wade through the All Boro calls that are by no means supposed to be coming my way. So I was not at my most productive when I really needed to be: I'm doing major work for a major report that's due tomorrow.

Plus, he took me off caffeine. There are some fates worse than death, truly. *grumbledy**grumbledy*

Crowley's infamous hundred-year nap ain't sounding so bad right now.


On a slightly different note, I've been yearning a bit to take on a fannish project. Not writing, I don't think, but maybe editing? Or admin work if anyone's still involved in any projects that need an extra pair of hands. I've been wanting to get more involved. If anyone knows of any needs, do let me know.