July 20th, 2019

A Gift-Fic for Me!

Go and read the thing: Royalty and Rue by Tyellas. Summary: Amidst Sauron's rise to power in Númenór, an exchange between Sauron and Tar-Míriel reveals the queen’s weaknesses – and her hidden defiance.

For this year's Fandom Trumps Hate auction, Tyellas wrote me a lovely moment between Sauron and Tar-Miriel/Ar-Zimraphel. There's such a finely-balanced sense of powr, of the different kinds of power people can wield, and of their vulnerabilities.

I love that Zimraphel isn't one of the faithful, or just one of the faithful - that psychologically and philosophically she's perhaps vulnerable and sympathetic to his ideology. She's not resisting him and Pharazon to the extent she is because he's opposed to the Valar, or even because of the pain he's (they're) bringing down on the people of Numenor. That aspect is there, but it's entirely enough (more than) that he's there, in her haven, and that he's terrifying.

I do love the ending, too, but I've tried now to say something about it three times and can't work out how without giving the game away. So I'll just say this: this fic is clever.

If you've read to this point you probably have more than a passing interest in Tolkien and Numenor, so you should really just read the thing already. It won't disappoint.