June 20th, 2019

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I'm beginning to think Amazon locker is the future of shopping; or should be.

I get on my phone and pick out the one thing I need (a six-prong outlet with plugs on the side) at a relatively reasonable price. They get it to me in a day or two and email me when it's arrived with a code to pick it up. Since I'm not home during the day I have them deliver it to a 7/11 near my work, and on arriving go to the back, type in my code, and get access to just my item. That's at least as secure as leaving it on my porch (if I had one), and certainly easier than waiting around for the deliveryman.

It also solves a real problem brought on y free shipping for orders of any size: traffic congestion and the pollution that comes with it. Because if my purchases aren't individually at a level you'd need to ship efficiently, this lets Amazon or the UPS or whomever bundle them into something that is. It also guarantees merchant loyalty: it would be a real hurdle for me to buy from Bestbuy or some such, when I'd then have to manage some way to accept delivery. As if Amazon Prime wasn't enough of a built-in commitment.

Now imagine we combined this with a kind of on-demand shop for those things you need to try out before you buy them like clothes. Imagine if you could go Amazon or some such, pick out the items you were interested in in a few sizes, and have them sent to a local shop. They'd let you know when the items were in and you could go try them on and return them without having to pay if they didn't fit. The store wouldn't have to keep everything in stock in every size, would save a bunidle on staff and real estate, and probably offer much better service. They could get away with probably a store room, a dressing room or two, and a single clerk. And the shipping would probably be cheaper than shipping to individual homes. 

Just thinking out loud here, but I'd spend all my monies if they made it this easy.