November 20th, 2017

(no subject)

Martha Stewart would be turning in her grave, if she had one. Store-bought pies for the work potluck?

The reality is: I like playing with cookies and muffins and the like, can get pretty adventurous, but I've never actually baked a pie. I've not even baked a proper cake in this oven. And I'm a bit nervous to try with a proper function. Probably wise, but it does feel like a domesticity failing. Not that I've ever claimed great skill there!

Also, let's be honest: 1) Mrs. Smith makes a better pie than I ever would manage (and they're getting two and whipped cream), and 2) it's $5 Tuesdayds at the movies. I know where I'd rather be.

Must say, though, this little fellow is tempting.

(I may give him a try with the community table meal I'm helping with on actual Thanksgiving day proper. A bigger kitchen, and those kids deserve the fun more than the sourpuses in my office anyway. :-) )

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