October 18th, 2017

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Turned on "Belgravia" as background music at work today, and I was really blown away by how beautiful all the acting is, but Martin Freeman's partcularly. The passion in Battersea, the way he confronts Irene - there's really something more than just cohabiting, even the disappointment and personal investment we see in TGG. And then the way it just turns so soft at the New Year's Eve scene.

I am trying my durnedest not to see this through shipper's goggles. I certainly don't want to turn this conversation into one about romantic vs. platonic love. And really, I suppose one could read it as nonplatonic love, though that's contortions I'm not driven to go through just now. I'm not even interested in that question. It's just... this is a love story, and it's beautiful, one of the purest love stories I think I've ever come across. The characters click, they make sense, they work. Really, it's just so beautiful.

... Also, arguably this was more engaging than background noise should ever be. I'm keeping a tally and because I've written so much fanfic around ASIB, I've watched it start to finish 23 times. How is this not old?

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