March 24th, 2017

so, "Beauty"

Someone (shirebound?) asked for my impressions.  First, at an experience level, I had a blast. Took the Kid, who I adore and don't get to spend nearly enough time with. I love going to movies alone so much, I think I forget how nice they can be with other peope. And this is New York, where moviegoing etiquette is a bit looser. So we whooped and cheered and even sang along in a few places. Great fun.

We had some sound quality issues. I don't know if the speakers were too loud or if it's a more universal problem or what, but in some of the songs it was almost cringe-worthy. To the point of being a bit distracting, I'm afraid. But that may have just been our cinema.

I also had a hard time shutting down my brain and seeing past some in-world problems. Without going into major spoilers, there's a lot about the economy and social structure the film imagines that just doesn't make sense. It had a hard time settling down into a time frame, too. But I can chalk that up to me being a bit of a nerd and expecting something a Disney remake was just never going to provide.

There was a lot I loved. The "Bonjour!" scene had a lot of great imagery, and Ian McKellen's acting was just so much fun, so multilayered. And (minor spoilers here) they turned the bookseller into a priest with a small library he lends Belle),and he was such a moral counterweight to the townpeople. I want fic involving him, actually. nd there are some truly stunning visuals, particularly of the scene where Bele is locked in her father's cell.

I'm not entirely sure I'd pay movie theater $$$ to see it, except if I was going to see it with a daughter or close frineds orthe like and wanted to make an event of it. But it's definitely worth seeing.