November 28th, 2016


(no subject)

I'm feeling a swell of sadness in me tonight over work. Not for myself so much as for a coworker, who our boss told in part of an email I was copied in that she basically wasn't doing a big part of her job. I don't disagree with him that what he's talking about needs to get done; it's just that she and I have talked about this exact area, and I know all the other things she's doing that means she just doesn't have time to do it. It's necessary! It's just the way this is being handled show such a lack of a clue...

Feeling a bit of that myself, actually. There's a few things I should be working on for work, in the sense that they're important and still sitting undone, but I was working a full day already and couldn't motivate myself to takle them tonight. Because, you know, I shouldn't have to, and because what I'm seeing is that no matter how hard I work it will be impossible to do what's expected of me well. It's just very disheartening that that's not honored, or recognized, or accounted for. Makes it hard to even try, or be motivated to do better.

But I'm not working, which is something. I'm getting my address book in order for holiday cards, which is such an indulgent joy for me, to sit down and actually write things out by hand. If you'd like one please do get in touch. (Face Book private message .... Tumblr PM ... LiveJournal's ask feature ... email .... carrier pigeons ... ) Comment here if you have absolutely no regard for personal privacy, as I've not locked things down.

ETA: And in that came out darker than I meant. Today was a good day, relatively speaking. This is just me being quietly contemplative, which is the closest to peace current circumstances allow.