November 26th, 2016


(no subject)

Mischief managed on the mandatory side of the whole Xmas gift thing - mostly. I've taken care of dad, stepmum, stepsis, and sister, just leaving my brother in the mandatory must-buy group. And I have absolutely no clue what to get him, because the only thing he put on his wishlist were hardware that is both insanely boring and overpriced (to my mind), and in any event over my fairly firm budget. Will have to think on that one, and I suspect I'll buy him something kitschy and fireman-themed in a few days just to be done with it. I do try because I love them, but I don't really know them well enough anymore to know what he'd really like.

Also, I've booked train tickets up to Prince Edward Island the week before Christmas. Looking forward to the time away from all the hustle bustle (and work!). A grad school friend's parents had a cottage up there they let me use and while I'm not asking for the keys again, I did fall in love with the area and they have some nice old bookshops, beds and breakfasts, woods for wandering around, that kind of thing.