November 24th, 2016


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I've not been around here much, I know. I miss you lot. I know I always say that, but I really do. At the moment it's that this is the one place I feel safe complaining, and I'm really tired of wanting to do that. Also the longer form makes it harder to do drive by posting, which is all I have time for these days, most days.

But enough of that. It's thanksgiving, which means time! Did it a bit differently this year. Usually I help out at a soup kitchen, but the Kid wanted to go watch them setting up the floats for the parade last night. Do I dropped off my work stuff at her flat and we went off and did that, which morphed into crashing on their couch, followed by watching the parade on TV and then helping prepare a Thanksgiving meal - Macedonian style. Food prep is food prep, and I take directions well, but I bailed at the thought of actually eating that with friends and their family. Luckily I hadn't showered and had no change of clothes I hadn't been wearing for 36 hrs at that point. So. :^)

Which left me with turkey sandwiches and instant mashed potatoes I'm afraid. Tradition #2 that fell through, turkey curry. I really did need a nap. And after I put together a Xmas wish list for family, which will turn into my pick-me-up list throughout the year, which I haven't even looked at in too long. Did you know there are two Kindle books full of Rowling's Potter fanfic she's posted on Pottermore? I didnt, but if I don't get them before Christmas I Def will after.

I'm currently waffling over whether to buy a new jacket. There's a great Black Friday deal I can pick up but it's still $40 and money feels a bit tight at the moment. I do kind of need it, current everyday is three years old.

But apparently not so tight I won't splurge for a movie out just because I want to. Going to see Arrival again, or maybe Fantastic Beasts depending when I get there. I have movie passes (I buy in bulk off ebay), so it's just popcorn today. Some traditions aren't meant to be broken.

Ps If you're interested my wish list: