September 9th, 2016


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I got caught in a flash thunder storm coming out of the Lot-Less off Union Square (think of it as a K-mart scaled down for an urban environment), wearing a fairly thin button-down blouse, and now everyone can tell just what color bra I'm wearing.

Honestly not sure whether this is a good or a bad. On the other hand I'm drenched and should be embarrassed, and in Manhattan. But on the other: I just don't care. At all. I don't know these people, and it's not my fault, so just... !@#$ it. Mainly I care because it's a bit chafing.

Off in a bit to see Ghostbusters for the second time inside a week. It's wonderful, so much fun, and clearly this was the role Chris Hemsworth was meant to play because he so obviously enjoys himself Hoping I can laugh as wholeheartedly as I did last time. To kill time I stopped into a Wendy's for a frosty and found they were super-duper on sale (50 cents!) for some reason. So I'm sitting here in my soaked bright-orange blouse and dark-brown bra enjoying it. And I've eaten so much garbage today: hero with the all the bread that means, birthday cake, dollar slice of pizza, now ice-cream and movie popcorn and yet more soda. I'm a pig.

But I'm eating. That's enough of a challenge lately, I'm not going to knock it. And as I'm walking 20-30 minutes each way every day, I probably burn more calories than I used to. I'll survive, I think.

Am kind of digging this writing thing again, to be honest. My hope is the more it beomes normal, the easier it will be to write more fic, and the less introspective I'll be (less trapped in my own head). And hopefully I'll make time to read peoples' blogs around here I miss that, too.