September 1st, 2016


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The bad: ... Actually, nothing much at all. It was a long day (13 hours!) but half of that was at home because doctor was on site. Definitely fell within the realm of "normal stress," by any measure.

The good: I'm really liking the new place. Not the apartment per se because I"m not here enough to spend time really relaxing, but just the whole feel of it. The neighborhood, the walking, the fact it's such a small place it feels like a home. There are only three 2BR units in the whole place. TOday I left my charger in my bedroom and, instead of putting my bookbag back on just ran upstairs into my apartment to get it while leaving my heavy bookbag by the mailboxes. Probably not smart, but it feels safe.

The beautiful: Spock being snarky as all get-out. I'm rewatching all the Treks, in tandem (one episode of TOS, then one of TNG, then one of DS9, etc.) as background noise at work, which means I'm seeing a lot of TOS for the first time, and he's so funny. How can a Vulcan be this durned hilarious?