August 30th, 2016


(no subject)

The bad: S. told me when I hear about a case change I need to go find the chart and change the sticker on it. This is extremely tonedeaf for a whole host of reasons, not least because he's really hounding me about the central DB not being kept up to date. (It's a long-going conversation that the DB will only ever work if people will actually use it beyond just the two of us.)

The plus: I stood up for myself, kind of, and asked him point-blank what he wanted me to not do if every time an email like that crosses my desk I not only have to respond to the email and update the DB, but spend another five minutes hunting down a physical chart. I'm actually proud of myself for that one, ten hours later.

The other good: the 5 train stops at 86th street. I'm off for a late-night omelette and slice of diner cake, and I won't even have to change trains!

The beautiful: This GIF set of Garak moved me to tears. altariel, are you still around LJ?