August 29th, 2016


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The bad: The sheer metric tonnage of rage currently coursing through my veins at the moment over people not being able to fill out paper work completely and correctly. I really hate being this person, honestly. It's a respect thing, or rather a disrespect thing, but it's also a fuckton (if you'll pardon my French) of stress that has this feeling like the absolute last straw.

Objectively, though, it takes about half a second to spot-check a form and maybe 2-3 minutes for me to research the missing pieces each, and the ones that need fixing currently outnumber the ready-to-go ones 2:1, so I'm not exactly coming out of nowhere here. :-S KBO and all that.

The good: Gene Wilder died. This does not seem like a happy thing, but it has me reminded of his childlike joy and wicked humor. This is faith at its best, the ability to imagine things as differently than they are. And I need that memory.

Also, because the bad went on a little bit, the good #2: Cabin Pressure is still a thing. A beautiful, salvific thing. Next up "Douz," so I get to chortle at the thought of lines like "Well, my suspicion was first aroused by the use of phrases like 'I was doing my log'..."

The beautiful: This slice of heaven. I give you a unicyclist playing a theme from Zelda on an accordion as he rides through the woods.

Incidentally, I am in no way imagining Sherlock doing this on his violin and coming across a farmer/craftsman type who turns out to be both an ex-army doctor and a descendant of Beorn. That's crazy-talk.