May 11th, 2016


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It was a bit of a rough day, and in a moment of rage against the machine, I decided to use the office label maker to print off "You are worthwhile." I think I needed to hear it. Only the machine was out of paper, and if that's not a metaphor for... Something.

On the other hand, the doctor got bit today by a patient, so there's that...


In slightly cheerier news, I finally have an idea ... Ish for the NY Tolkien conference. Something about philosophy of language, and how we have to understand word usage in a very specific way if we don't want to descend into Tolkien's cursed science - we have to understand words as a revealed thing, not something abstracted from experience that can be analyzed in a certain way. More Augustine, less Plato.

I'd like to think it's not nearly as dry as it sounds, but then JRRT thought much the same about the Silmarillion.