March 27th, 2016


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The big news around here is I'm moving to a new flat. There's some practical benefits of it - slightly less isolated, slightly better part of town. This will come off sounding racist, I know, but a big part of the attraction is it's a "black" area of the Bronx rather than a "brown" one - for strictly language-based issues, mind, but it can be a bit exhausting to struggle to communicate when you don't speak the same language as a lot of people in stores and cabs and the like.

The building itself has a lot of character. Like, to get into the elevator you need to open a door, an actual door like you would to get into an apartment. It has a lovely courtyard off the street, too, which somehow feels more secure, and a backyard behind the building where you can grill out. I won't be umping games of stickball in the park like I'd been doing lately. But for the Bronx I seem to have found another spot with a bit of green. And the room itself is huge - easier larger than my studio back in Cleveland (which wasn't small), with enough space to bring my computer cart and bookshelf and probably replace the cart with a proper desk one of these days. Plus, you know, a dor that not only shuts but locks.

If you want more details and photos, here's the CraigsList ad. No clue how long that will stay up. But really, it's ridiculously big for NYC and the money they're asking.

The thing that's got me in a bit of a funk is the why here. My current flatmate told me he'd need the room back at the end of the month - on the 20th - and in a really tactless and dismissive way, in a text message. I then agreed but asked if I could have more time and he said he wanted to talk about it but

never did and when I tried to never seemed to have time, meaning I've basically spent the last week walking on eggshells. I was actually thinking about looking for an efficiency I could afford on my own (which for the record does not exist in this city) and the bit that was holding me back was I didn't want to leave him stranded with no way to meet his rent.

If I'm being fair I can see where his issues were coming from. I don't think he's actually right and I could easily point out the ways the situation wasn't my fault or that he'd been a pretty crappy roommate himself over the year we'd lived together. I think it's the way it was handled, made it feel like I was just being brushed aside. And it's not made things easy. Everything had to happen so quickly and it's left me feeling like I had to jump at what's available rather than being as careful as I'd like, plus there's the money issue of moving on short notice. I'll have enough I think, but just barely. So not a lot of fun on that front.

Going to meet potential roomies has been pretty good, though, because I looked at a total of two places and got offers from both of them which makes me feel desirable, at least on a first impression. So there's that!