March 3rd, 2016


(no subject)

I tried to write a bit of a fanfic story tonight for b2mem. I ended up with three sentences of Aule whinging about how useless Lorien is, written at least seven different ways. And this isn't even the story I wanted to be telling! (Hint: it involves angsty teen-ish Feanor and more than a bit of budding science.)

This just in: writing fanfic is hard. Really very hard - think Douglas Adams intoning about how space is big. I'm sure writing generally is hard, too, but when you're out of practice? Yeah, draining and difficult and not a good match for a long work day. If this is the best I can do I'm not sure I deserve the title of fanfic writer, because actually being able to pull this off is a really noteworthy thing.

Here's hoping good intentions count a bit. Maybe when I'm less worn out I'll come back to it. For now, sleep.