February 10th, 2016


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Saw this over at Facebook, and it earned a giggle. From David Bader's Zen Judaism.

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I've been feeling decidedly more Jewish than I think I ever have. Part of it's living in NY and no longer living out of a Jesuit school. Part of it is the folks I live with. And part of it is just being too worn out with CHristianity, the not-understanding theological concepts (what the heck is a trinity, anyway? and how can Christ pray to Himself as a model of Christian virtue?) and frustration over being divided over stuff like that. Judaism as I've experienced it is more organic, more integrated, and where there are different movements those movements are driven by differences I can actually understand. Too much history, too many years of having all my Smurfs nicked, I guess.

I'm not closed to Christianity totally and see a lot in that tradition worth holding to. Culturally, experience-wise, that's definitely my home turf. But I'm more of a mutt than I ever was these days, and I think I'm okay with that.

Basically this is my way of saying this funny bit tickled a funny bone, because it feels very much like where I live. (I'm also into Taoism.)