February 1st, 2016


(no subject)

Someone jumped in front of the train at the train stop at where I used to live, which has me thinking about suicide (abstractly...), and how we talk about it versus other-killing.

There's this motto in Wicca and other philosophies, but they put it memorably: An it harm none, do what ye will. Usually I hear this put as harming no one else. You're free to eat nothing but milk shakes and fries all day because you're not hurting anyone other than yourself, so whose business is it?

I'm not Wiccan so maybe I'm misrepresenting this, but it seems like the rede almost has to allow self-harm - otherwise where is there a  choice? In any given situation one option will always harm me more than the other. But it seems odd, and depresskng, that the harm I cause myself doesn't count. If I shoot up a school and cut my class mate's life short, that's wrong and unjust. If I cut my own life short, though?

I don't have the answer here. It's just something I've been mulling over.