December 21st, 2014

granada holmes

Things I've Been Reading [12/21]

... and think you might enjoy, too.

(1) Vaccine as Metaphor by Mark O'Connell [Slate]

A really perceptive review of Eula Biss's "On Immunity." This looks at some comments Biss makes on why she was nervous about vaccinating her child, and why a lot of mothers might not. It's not excusing or defending or justifying that behavior, and that's what I love about it: in a world where essays seem to be about proving one point or the other, this is driven by a need for empathy and understanding even when you think the other guy (or gal, in this case) is wrong.

(2) The Politics of PDA in India, by Tanya Basu [The Atlantic]

I didn't even realize this was a cultural battle being fought in India, but apparently there are quite a few areas where even young college types don't believe couples should express affection in public. Interesting snapshot into that world.

(3) A Sort of Drought, by yaycoffee [AO3]. John/Sherlock, Teen

The official summary: Sherlock doesn't see how kissing in the rain could be anything other than unpleasant. But he's not a very smart genius. A rather brilliant send-up to the romcom trope, that subverts it as much as honors it.

(4) Artist Transforms Children's Drawings into Adorable Plush Toys, by Jenny Zhang

Consider this your daily installment of D'awwww...

(5) Winning Marriage Equality: Neither Everything Nor the Only Thing, by Leonore Carpenter at The Jurist

If you're at all interested in legal analyses and reporting, even if gay marriage isn't an issue you're all that interested in, check this out. This does a really nice job looking at the implications for gay couples, particularly those who for whatever reason might not want to get married, of gay marriage being so available in so many states.

(Whatever you think about whether that's a good thing or not, this was a really interesting read just as an eye-opening look at some likely implications.)

Bon appetite!
granada holmes

done-dids: moved in

I got the furniture out of my old apartment either thrown out or moved. Really, I moved very little: a book case, an end-table, a window AC unit, a lamp, and some clothes, books, kitchen stuff, all that. The rest came with the place. Photos below the cut. (Xposted from FB)

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