December 18th, 2014

granada holmes

Sherlock Fic Rec: What He Wrote, by fitofpique

When you read Johnlock fanfic, you read a lot of what I can only call variations on a theme. It seems everyone writing in that particular corner of fandom wants to write how they fell in love, how they actually realized they were in love (and romantic, sexual love) and got past their basic failure to communicate. So you end up enjoying subtle twists and variations on that theme. It's like a Bach fugue, where the basic theme is the same but at minute sixteen it is different from minute four in a way that is just beautiful and makes your heart sigh.

Sometimes John runs out of the flat and Sherlock finds not having John there really bothers him. Sometimes it's the Three Garridebs scenario. And sometimes, apparently, it's absolutely hilarious auto-correct failures on the phone that puts sex on Sherlock's brain, to the point that the inevitable becomes the did-we-really-just-do-that?

Exhibit A in the latter category: What He Wrote, by fitofpique.

It's the quiet moments that really make this work, the subtleties of Sherlock's reaction – confusion, amusement, frustration. It's really very cute, particularly if you like to imagine Sherlock being a bit thick-headed and out of his element where matters of the heart are concerned. It's the "gay baby penguin" syndrome, as they put it over on Tumblr – but not in a way that makes him seem incapable or immature. And the sex scene that you can imagine it's driving toward is tastefully done, really in-character for how she writes these characters.

Really, it's a delightful mix of domesticity and humor and sexual tension and then relief of the same. I highly recommend it.