December 2nd, 2014

granada holmes

It was raining in the city by the bay...

It was raining in the city by the (Hudson) bay. A cold rain, a hard rain, the kind of rain that made grown men weep and called to mind cats fighting with dogs.

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(ETA: Broken image link now fixed.)

I'm posting this on my phone so who knows if I've posted this right. If I have you should see a pic of a rainy courtyard below. If not, I'll fix it tonight.

I had an interview today for a receptionist at a dermatologist on the East Side this morning. I think it went well. She said she thought I was overqualified which in a lot of ways I am, but I really do think I'd do well with steady, even boring, work, and certainly would like certain aspects of this work - and think it would give me some experience I need to eventually do what I want to do. I'm fine with a steady decent paycheck, honestly. And the people seem nice. So here's hoping they pick me.

Because I also had therapy this afternoon, I then did some window shopping. It was cold, it's Christmas, there are street vendors selling chestnuts and sausages, there's evergreen everywhere, etc. I've never spent much time on the east side and it was nice. Then I found a public library and sent out a few resumes. Easily walked two miles today and these shoes need new insoles badly.

Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman have a reading out in Brooklyn and I thought about going but I think I'm about adventured out. Too bad - I really do want to finally hear them in person, but I'm already pretty worn out and therapy rarely helps that.

I also got the first 750 words of my Holmestice piece written. May go home, put on some jazz and write some more. Or I may just watch some Granada Holmes. "The Navel Treaty" is up next, and if I've read the story I can't remember it, so that would be a treat. :-)

I've decided though that Christmas fic will have to wait until January. Writing still is an effort and I've got this larger pinch-hit that's taking all my time right now. I mean to do them, though, and will.

PS - if you'd like cards, Pm or email me your address. Comments here aren't screened so unless you want your particulars broadcasted...