November 23rd, 2014


Silmarillion "trailer" - wow!

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The background: Over at Tumblr, the Tolkien scholar who writes the askmiddlearth blog just finished up a readalong of the Silmarillion. It's different than most readalongs I thought: not so much a discussion as a reaction, where there was a section for each week and often a theme and people did whatever they liked to react to that. Fanfic! Fanart! Cosplay! Song-mixes! And yes, "meta" and other nonfictional discussions. Some (but I gather not all) of that fannish creativity was reblogged to the site's main blog, tolkienreadalong. Also check out the platforms page for more of what's going on at other pages connected to it. It really was quite an event, and if you're at all comfortable on fluent and like the Silmarillion, you might want to check it out.

The above video was a trailer askmiddlearth put together for it. What I really like about it is the way it made such clever use of clips from the LOTR and Hobbit movies in a way that really seemed to honor the cycles from the letter she quoted in the text. It made me see those connections where I hadn't before and I think did a very good job of honoring the written word. If you don't take them too literally, of course - and I don't think it's meant to be that. This trailer is less a literal portrayal of bits of the Silmarillion, and more about the "echoes" and "ripples" left to us readers more familiar with the Third Age.

Plus, it's just beautiful, really well done. Apparently this person has quite a lot of scholarly skills (that was a given) but also some artistic talent. It is too much in one person - in the best Tolkienish tradition, one suspects it will have to be paid for. Still, I'm happy to enjoy the results.

Btw, if you liked this video feel free to share it around. But if you do please do include some of the links I included above or just point people back to this post for a description of the project. I'm sharing this because it's worth sharing on its own, but also because I want to point people to this amazing fan project. And do send the administrator a note (no Tumblr account required) to let her know how much you like the video and the project. Speaking as a former fandom admin, I know how much that can mean.