November 22nd, 2014

granada holmes

Holmestice beta needed

... eventually.

I've been called into action as a Holmestice pinch-hitter, and I'm making progress. Good progress. But I'm also going to need a beta reader. At a minimum I'd like to find someone who speaks British English or is otherwise comfortable enough with it to "Brit-check" a fic. It will most likely be set in the BBC 'verse, with knowledge of Doyle helpful (though not necessary, and I can point you to the specific relevant passages if you like). I expect the fic will be around 5-10k, I hope to get it out by mid-week of not next week but the week after (so the week after American Thanksgiving), and would need comments back within about 3-5 days after I send you the draft, no later than December 11. I don't plan on including Johnlock or any other slash ship except perhaps as a vague reference, if that's a problem for anyone. There may be het, though not particularly explicit (and perhaps not at all).

I know I'm being vague. I have no problem giving you the full details in private email - it's just I don't want to blow anonymity. If you have the time and are willing to help, email me (melaytonATgmailDOTcom) or drop me a note through El Jay.