November 20th, 2014


Rewatching LOTR

I've been watching the extended LOTR movies: Fellowship last night, Two Towers tonight. I'm not sure what is driving the rewatch. Maybe the upcoming final Hobbit movie? Or just feeling a bit burned out on Cumberbatch and Moffat lately and needing to reboot.

It's actually been quite nice. This is not me sitting down to watch the movies and nothing else so much as just it being background for me doing other stuff. So I'm not as invested in it as I once was. And there are bits that just really resonate. Most recently it's Haldirs appeal to the Last Alliance when he shows up to Helm's Deep, and Eowyn's begging Aragorn not to send her off to the caves. I loved the political machinations with Saruman and the Dunlanders too, and the domestic moments with Frodo and Sam wandering about the Emyn Muil were just really nice. It felt comfortable. The bad things just seem much less important than they once did.

The one exception seems to be Denethor. I hated pretty much everything about his scene in Osgiliath once he showed up. Passionately. I still have strong feelings about his character apparently. No great surprise there, I've spent most of the decade since the films came out writing him and living inside his head. But there's also just nothing in this scene, or what I remember about ROTK, that connects with what I love about him in the books, or the country he rules with the books' Numenor and Gondor. It will be interesting to see if I'm able to enjoy the third movie like I did the first two.

Anyway, it's interesting just how *comfortable* going back is. It really has been refreshing and just a nice thing to visit again.