October 15th, 2014

granada holmes

Benedict Cumberbatch gave a long interview. I am me. In what world is this post a surprise?

I made the time this morning to sit down and read Benedict Cumberbatch's "Out" interview. It clocks in at around 3,100 words so it's a nice substantive read in our sound bite word. Unfortunately, a fair number of those words aren't particular nice ones. Benedict comes across as combative and dismissive toward his female fans, particularly toward Johnlock shippers, and he apparently buys into the idea that most of them are teenage girls who are jealous of other girls or just sexually inexperienced. (The idea that slashers are suburban housemoms plays into this same stereotype, I think, on both sides of the aisle.) I'll get into that in a minute, but since the link was for some weird reason hard for me to find, I should probably include a direct link:

The Gospel According to Benedict, by Aaron Hicklin

I'm sure different people reading any sizeable piece will zero in on different aspects of it. For me, the thing I kept coming back to was the tone. It wasn't so much the substance of what Benedict said as how he said it. He swears a bit (F-bombs, mostly). He groans at his fans taking notice of him during the interview (the "florals"). And the words Mr. Hicklin uses to describe his fans ("rabid," "rapacious," "Cumerbitches," even the choice to use Cumberbatch's descriptive of those fans as "florals") doesn't help either. But thinking about this, the thing that really jumped out at me was the way Benedict seems to be having a bad day. On the subject of perhaps over-intense spotlight and fannish attention:

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