October 8th, 2014

granada holmes

Winter (Holmestice) is Coming

Yes, that was an utterly avoidable, and not a little bit awful, pun. What can I say, I'm my father's daughter.

To the point, though: sign-ups are now open for the Winter 2014 Holmestice exchange. If you're interested, find the participation form here, which you can then either post as an entry in the holmestice community or (if you don't have an LJ account) as a comment on that post. It's really worth doing even if you've never written in the fandom: all varieties of Holmes, from Doyle to the BBC to the Great Mouse Detective and pretty much everything in between, and I've found it to be very well run with a good quality of submissions.

And before we get to that, there's the requests. Those are always so fun to read on their own. It's all untapped potential, all exciting what-if's and wouldn't-that-just-be-so-cool's, plus a bit of . I love reading those posts and think other people would as well. And it's such a window into your fellow writers' and artists' fannish soft spots, the things they really want to read or see.

I've had a problem lately of signing up for exchanges and not being able to come through, so I've laid off participating myself. But I did step forward as a pinch-hitter, and with an exchange this size I'll probably be needed. That's actually more fun than actually sign up because it lets me give without receiving. However. As I just said, reading other peoples' sign-up forms has always been a lot of fun for me, so I thought I'd write up what I would have made of the form, what I would have asked for, if I were participating. Not so much to ask for it because part of the point of going the pinch-hitter route is to not do that, but just to show you what I like and wish for, as an exercise in getting to know me..

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I hope some of you will consider joining up, for real. That is in no way a selfish motivation to see the bits and bobs you would most like to see turned into fanworks. So go and sign up.
granada holmes

Sherlock Fic Rec: There Are Always Exceptions, by EventHorizon

Usually when I write a fanfic recommendation I talk for some time about everything I love about all the things I love about it and the issues it raised. This time, though, it seems like anything I could say, any analysis I could give, would "break" this delightful story. So I'll just introduce it and get out of the way.

Lestrade notices a stray cat hanging around his and Mycroft's house and starts to do little things to make her life easier. An occasional tin of cat food, a box with a blanket over it behind the hedge to give it a bit of shelter, that kind of thing. And Mycroft does not approve, not by any stretch. Apparently Mycroft is not a cat person, or even a pet person. Cats are "pestilence incarnate," a "demonspawn" Mycroft not-so-affectionately renames Leviathan. But Gregory is persistent. It's one of the cleverest, funniest bits of domesticity I think I've had the pleasure to read.

This is slash of the Mystrade variety, and Greg and Mycroft bicker like an old married couple. That means there are some references to sexytiems, but of a thoroughly PG variety. Really, it's just good solid humor, and I highly recommend it.

Check it out "There Are Always Exceptions," by EventHorizon.