September 30th, 2014


(no subject)

I read a news story today about the owner of a shooting range who declared the business Muslim-free. Her concern was that some Muslim patrons had been acting oddly, but also that she couldn't tell the difference between good Muslims and those that were ISIS connected and might practice retaliation or honor killings.

The reference to honor killings was just bizarre. It just wouldn't apply to someone whose actions would impinge your honor, like family. But setting that aside, and trying hard not to pull a Godwin here, but that wasn't even the weirdest part. The woman went on to say Islam wasn't a religion, it was a theocracy.

I get saying Islam is a philosophy or political movement. I mean, that's wring but it's at least coherent. But how exactly do you get a theocracy when you're dealing with dozens of governments with vastly different histories and political styles? And without having a religion to impose?

Also, that thing about being unable to tell good guys with guns from bad guys with guns?

I'd like to be upset over this idiocy, but it's so incoherent on so many different levels, I can't muster anything more than a weak eye roll. Time to step up your game, bigots.

(BTW, thanks to everyone who commented on the feminism post. I read your thoughts and mean to reply, as soon as I can find the time.)