September 25th, 2014

granada holmes

Advent fic offer + Christmas cards + Rosh HaShannah headcanon/ficlet sketch thing

(1) I'm trying to get back into the practice of writing fic and I'd like to do something for Advent which will be here before I think any of us would like to admit, so I'd like to ask for prompts.

Give me a character or pairing, any requests you have about gen vs. het vs. slash, ratings, etc. you'd like me to keep in mind, and a few elements or themes you'd like me to work in. Aim to be specific enough to give me something concrete to latch on to, but open enough that my creativity could do some work. I'm most comfortable writing Tolkien (any Tolkien or the Jackson adaptations) and Sherlock Holmes (Doyle or BBC), but I'm willing to stretch myself and try to take on some of the other things I enjoy (Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Avengers, X-Men, pretty much anything you see me discussing or posting about over at Tumblr). [ETA: Or Swordspoint, the first Kushner novel. Swordspoint is always fair game, that almost goes without saying.] Fics may be un-beta'd and un-Brit checked because I'm really trying to encourage my muse which often means offering little resistance. But that doesn't mean sloppily written or unresearched, and I hope they'll be enjoyable.

So please. Prompt me in the comments of this post and I'll do as many as I can.

(2) I'm also planning on doing holiday cards. I'm fairly certain my address book is around here somewhere but I can't lay my hand on it easily, so even if you think I have your address please send it to me again. Comments are not filtered on this post; probably best to send me a private message through LJ or Tumblr or email if you don't want to broadcast your particulars to the whole internet. Similarly, if you do the same and need my address (which is, to be clear, neither expected nor required), PM me and I'll share it with you. It's the same Cambreleng address I've lived at for the last several years.

(3) In honor of Rosh HaShannah, I wrote up a little retirement-era BBC!Sherlock headcanon. Because, you know, bees.

My headcanon, in honor of the season:

Sherlock celebrates Rosh HaShannah (though he would never go so far as to admit it), not because he is spiritual let alone Jewish, but because any holiday built around the byproducts of bees is eminently more beautiful to him than one whose main markers seem to be getting drunk and blowing things up.

Once they moved out to Sussex he somehow fell in the habit of making muffins for days on end in the early autumn, bran flavored with apples from a local market and honey off of his own hives, more than the two of them could possibly eat, and they ended up giving most of them away to the local boys’ home. John asked him about it once, only once, to which Sherlock grimaced something about being boooooored, and also having a mild scientific curiosity about the precise way heat denatured the viscosity of the honey. Of course he did.

John wisely decided not to pursue the matter, though he didn’t complain about all the dishes nearly as much as one would suspect. The timing of it all is surely a coincidence, whatever Mycroft would have said.

Also, the inimitable Ellen Kushner shared artwork of apples in honor of the holiday, to which I added honey and a peaceful little rendition of "Shalom Aleichem," here. A L'Shana Tova to all who celebrate it.

(To those that don't know, I'm theologically Christian but my family is ethnically Jewish and because my German family included camp survivors growing up, it was actually something that got woven into our family life and I grew up in a beautiful mix of Catholic and Jewish traditions. I also have always found the philosophy and theology to be particularly beautiful, perhaps because it's a minority faith which lets it do some interesting work. Suffice it to say, while I don't claim to represent or practice Judaism in any standard way, it's always been very important to me and I do mark most of the major holidays, Rosh HaShannah and Yom Kippur included, after my own fashion.)