September 23rd, 2014

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You know that little ditty to celebrate winter's last gasp?

Spring is sprung
The grass has riz -
I wonder where
the Flowers is?

If the weather around here is any indication, we need a counterpart for winter's first, all-too-welcome gasp. My best effort:

Spring done sprung
[We're talking a while ago here]
The grass's turned brown
It's that time of year
For pumpkin to be the only flavor around

Granted, the meter's more than a bit off, but so is a temp of 63 F (~18 C) at 2 PM in September. If that's bothering anyone we can call it a Tolkien pastiche. (I love the man but his poetry often left... something to be desired.(


Speaking of Tolkien, yesterday was The day, the long-expected party and the shared birthday. I should have posted celebrating it then but didn't quite get around to it. As penance, and because (as Bilbo would say) the road goes ever on and on, have this scene from the day after the party. Easily one of my favorites in Tolkien, and though it's a bit on the long side I can't quite get myself to cut out any of it.

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Speaking of #2, on the subject of Dora Baggins, I'd like to recommend dreamflower02's Miss Dora Baggins's Book of Manners, which is every bit as stuffy as that old fussbudget Bilbo took pleasure in tweaking - but still a very fun read. Not bad advice, either, as far as etiquette goes.

Speaking of #3, and speaking of good Tolkien poetry and roads going ever on, remembering the party puts me in a mood to remember the BBC radio adaptation of Lord of the Rings, which I actually heard before I read the book. Here is Ian Holm (yes, that Ian Holm) voicing Frodo for the adaptation reciting the "Road Goes Ever On" poem.

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On a different (but still Tolkien-centric) note,

--- I finally got around to making some edits to an old Tolkien fanfic yesterday. Nothing major, just some scenes that were roughly written and needed some fleshing out in minor ways. The story in question is one of the first ones I ever wrote way back in 2003: A Conspiracy Forged, which tells the story of a young Pippin's adventures at Bilbo's long-expected party.

--- Over at Tumblr, I talked a bit about why the Ring might have affected Bilbo and Frodo differently (setting aside the obvious story-external explanation that Tolkien just hadn't worked out what the Ring was when he wrote The Hobbit.


Changing tracks completely, I thought I'd share some photos I took. First was from two nights ago, when we had a little bit of rain. I popped down to the bodega at a little past midnight and everything was all clean-smelling from the rain and just had a really cool mood to it.

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... and today because it's finally properly fall, I was able to wear a slinky shirt that's long-sleeved, or at least three-quarters. I get warm so easily, it's a rare treat to wear winter clothes. This was not the slinky shirt I wanted to wear, the seven-year-old one that somehow is still in good condition and has great sentimental value because it was my mum's and is somewhere around here but likely buried under one of about three piles I need to sort. But it is a slinky shirt, properly autumnal.

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Just so you know: there really isn't a good way to take a picture of yourself without it looking like a selfie. Even at the lowest zoom, my arms aren't long enough to get much more than roughly 2/3 of my face.


One bit of good news of the RL sort: I secured a phone interview for Thursday afternoon, administrative work for a tutoring charity up in Harlem. It would mean I'd get to learn how to use Raiser's Edge (I do not need to talk about how hard it is to get experience in something you can't already do, I'm sure), which I'd really like, and the work could be good in lots of ways - good fit, good and meaningful, but also good for me. Here's hoping.