September 11th, 2014

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I'm heading down Dixie-way (if Florida counts, which it doesn't). A friend's kid is being baptized and as I am officially the godmother I should probably turn up.

Just when did I become such an adult? I cannot adult and the thought that, even theoretically, I could be tasked with this kid's wellbeing is... heady, heady stuff. Also, foolhardy. But I can wear a nice dress and turn up with a decent bottle of wine, at least.

By way of starting your weekend off right, this photo is making its way around Tumblr. No idea if it's genuine, but it made me laugh.

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Also #1: (BBC) Sherlock fans, if you want a good laugh, you really must check out The Adoption of John Watson by cyerus. In which Mummy Holmes adopts John Watson without consulting him first, Mycroft is offensively Mycroftian, John is less than impressed by both of them, and the sibling and family dynamics are so wonderfully in-character it hurts. Well, pre-series three in-character, with a much more public school Holmes family than we got in the actual show, but that actually was just as I imagined them, so...

Also #2: Fellow Tolkien fans, I've felt like I've not been including you all, but I did want to point to this lovely fan-art built around the Oath of Feanor. I've actually been sharing a good bit of Tolkien-themed fanart, research posts, and quotes and what-not over at Tumblr, which you can find here if you're interested. Also-also, don't forget that lotr_community released their essay challenge entries, and some of them look like a good read.

Right, so I don't got time for a fast train. See you guys beginning of next week.