August 16th, 2014

granada holmes

rl update, Ferguson thoughts, Doctor Who stuff

I think I may finally - finally finally – be properly getting over being sick. I hope. I'm still drinking water by the buckets (well, two-liter bottle) and trying to get my health back by eating properly now that I can keep food down and getting a bit of exercise. Still feel a bit headachey and a tiny bit congested, but I'm not feverish. Can grab a decent lungful of air and have my voice more or less back. Only a bit tired rather than thoroughly worn out. Probably the biggest thing is I still feel a bit unsteady on my feet and have to be careful walking around that I actually don't fall over. Also generally struggling to think clearly or do much creatively. I suspect that's from being on more than a bit of bedrest and not eating or drinking much, but I've got a doctor follow-up on Monday, so I'll mention it if it's not cleared up.

While I'm on the sick thing: azriona took over a prompt I was supposed to be writing in an exchange and came up with some Mycroft/Lestrade World War II AU that looks quite good. Haven't read it all, but if that's your thing, I do hope you'll check it out, here.

And if that's all you want to read and reply to, you have my full permission to stop reading now. Because as I've gotten a bit back to my real self, I've been thinking more about the horrific news coming out of Ferguson, MO. I don't blame anyone who's had their belly full of the news or simply doesn't have any real interest in reading or thinking about it just now. But I want to talk about it.

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On a perhaps related note, I've been making my way through the Doctor Who episodes, and am right up to "Blink." Meaning I've just watched the "Family of Blood" two-parter, and that voiceover at the end! As an American I've always thought of World War I as such a colossal waist, akin to the Korean War as one best (perhaps all-too-conveniently) left forgotten, not a chance for valor. But of course the cost was so great, even coming out of the Third Reich World War I had such an effect on the German consciousness (where my family is from) and I can only imagine for other European countries it's equally meaningful. I don't know if it's Ferguson having my emotions and frustration over (senseless?) violence a bit ramped up, but... just, God in Heaven. That was As was "42" before it. As was the sheer joy and flirtation and perfect mix of gods and monsters of "The Shakespeare Code." As was the absolute absurd hope of "Smith and Jones" and the beautiful sense of even those first few moments of "Blink" before I decided to turn it off, take a breather, and write this up. Have I mentioned what a Martha fan I am? (I've also not forgotten about the other post I owe replies to, fractalwolf and donutgirl; just not been up to sorting my thoughts into words.) But just luxuriating in the third season has been fantastic, even as I've been sick; it's given me just the right bits of emotions in doses I can absorb to keep my spirits up and keep my brain occupied just enough that I don't drive myself mad.

I actually had plans to go to a press conference with Jena and Peter on the Doctor Who world tour. I am so not press but a friend worked with a group having a few spots to allocate and she somehow convinced her boss I was an influential fandom blogger (being mum on the fandom, and vastly overselling my influence in any case). But I was still so sick I could barely stand up two days ago. Which is a bit of a downer that I missed out on being in the same room with them, but I've never been one for in-person let-me-just-breathe-the-same-air-as-these-people stuff, and I got to spend the lst few days gorging on RTD-era Who which I probably enjoyed more in any case. So... yeah. :-)