August 11th, 2014


O Frabjous Day!

I was able to schedule an appointment with a doctor for this afternoon, and on top of that I found someone to "cover" my place in a fanfic exchange so I can focus on maybe getting better. (I am so ready to be physically better.)

Thanks to everyone for the medicine recommendations. There was an error on the pharmacy's website and they closed at five rather than six so I was only able to get the basic kinds of medicines you can pick up at the grocery store (throat lozenges and Sudafed) yesterday. In some ways that's not all bad, as I'd downplay any symptoms if I possibly could. But I've been doing the salt-water gargle thing and may try out some of the rest when I hit the store this afternoon. Just having things I can try without having to know what to do myself helps.
granada holmes

Sherlock Fic Rec: Lament for the Lubricious

Sherlock fanfic rec time. Today I'd like to talk about charname's "Lament for the Lubricious."

First things first, because I know not everyone's into slash of the Johnlock variety or in general: this is an explicit-rated slash story involving John, Sherlock, and a leaked sex tape. This is all filtered through Anderson's eyes (more on that in a minute) which puts a rather non-sexual spin on this (it would not be my first suggestion for "BRB bunk" material), but there is a rather explicit description of a prolonged sex act. So if that's really something you prefer not to read, you may want to skip it. Equally, if you're looking for said "BRB bunk" material, this probably isn't what you're looking for. But if you want a fascinating, charming piece of characterization through sex (and other stuff besides), read on. Or, you know, just click the link above and get started.

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All in all, I really enjoyed this story because it's beautifully written, morally complicated enough to make you sympathize with all the characters involved, and driven by some really interesting characterizations of the three main characters (Sherlock, John, and Anderson). Do check it out.

PS: Doctor's visit was predictably nonconclusive. She said it's not mere congestion, that there's something going on and gave me broad-spectrum antibiotics. If that doesn't work in a week we'll re-evaluate. I did find out I'd lost thirty-odd pounds without really trying (well, kinda-sorta: watching what I eat and trying to drop a bit but not on any kind of actual diet), but as I've spent a good portion of the last month unable to keep much of anything down, who knows what that actually means? I have been doing the salt-water gargle thing and picked up some Vicks which did wonders.