July 25th, 2014


in case you haven't heard: Benedict Cumberbatch as Gollum, + more on Peter Jackson

Benedict Cumberbatch was at Comic-Con and Tumblr is in flames. The good kind, for once. Among other bits, he apparently did a truly impressive Gollum impression. I can't figure out how to embed the audio, but do head over and give it a listen.


Btw, yesterday I made a post where I came down pretty hard on Peter Jackson. I actually have some very warm feelings toward PJ. shadowfireflame, he was actually my first introduction to fandom as well. I didn't even know what fandom or fanfic was until one day I found myself on a bus scribbling madly away at a truly awful novella that someone later told me was fanfic. (Lord of the Rings fanfic.) He re-introduced me to Tolkien, which is reason enough to love him at some level.

For me, I think Peter Jackson is like the person who used to be your absolute best friend, or perhaps a boy/girlfriend you were particularly close with at one time but then the relationship fractured. You're still friendly and can enjoy each other's company, and there's a god deal of nostalgia. But it will never be as close as it once was, you can never quite trust him with your whole heart again, and being reminded of that fact is kind of a low ache, a pain deep in your bones that makes it hard to be anything more than acquaintances. So when it comes to Peter Jackson, probably the best way to describe my relationship toward him is "it's complicated." That doesn't mean I have disdain for people who don't have that problem.

(Actually, what I do have is envy. I miss the uncomplicated joy I used to get from those movies, and I wanted that so badly with the Hobbit movies. But that's a story for a different day.)
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Today I have finished betaing a chapter and done a phone screening for an accounts/payable position at a local kids' charity. First interview set up for Monday afternoon. The betaing thing is the biggest thing, actually, because it's me working on something fannish and accomplishing it. Baby steps.

But I am now beyond worn out. Luckily I've got nothing I actually need to do out of the house until I go grocery shopping tonight once the public transit slows down and it cools off a bit. I resented taking naps when I was a kid, but now I find myself quite amenable.