July 22nd, 2014

granada holmes

Sherlock Fic Rec: Random Numbers, by

Time for another Sherlock fanfic rec: Random Numbers, by Songlin.

It's Johnlock in its way, but completely non-explict. Non-sexual, actually; John is heterosexual and Sherlock is purely asexual, but that doesn't keep them from being emotionally intimate or enjoying physical contact, just not in a sexual way. And it's charming, really, all these moments of how they realize this doesn't keep them from being in love.

Shortish (1,800 words, give or take?) and with the sense of this being just a few slices out of their life. If you like domesticity, particularly if you prefer your fic (even your slashfic) to be about questions other than will-they-or-won't-they, this may well be for you. It had me smiling fondly pretty much from start to finish.